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Happy Camper Solar participated in the Sports, Vacation and RV Show January 18th through January 26th, 2020 in Quartzsite, Arizona


Principal Owners of Happy Camper Solar

 Standing in front of our indoor booth left to right are the Principal Owners of Happy Camper Solar: Joe McGinty, Electrical Engineer, Coy Gayle Travel Trailer Owner and camping expert, and Bob Starling, Mechanical Engineer. Our ST-100 suitcase model is partially shown in the background. 


Show Outdoor Setup

  Our outdoor set up displaying our ST-300 model in the background and the ST-100 Suitcase model in the foreground.

We measured the effect of our sun tracking solar system verses the effect of flat mounted panels to show the significant increase of solar power generated by our sun tracking solar system over the flat mounted solar system currently installed on many rigs.

Our primary objective at this show was to roll out to the general public our patent-pending automatic solar tracking systems by showing them two of our three models. We were highly successful in doing so as we talked to literally thousands of show attendees about both the ST-100 and the ST-300 models. Interest was very high as was evidenced by our face-to-face discussions with show attendees as well as how our website lit up during the show. Also, several early show attendees came back to our booth and brought their friends. One such example was a group that were Boon Docking on BLM land near Quartzsite and one night while sitting around the camp fire with several friends told them that they need to come to our booth and see the only automatic solar tracking system that they had ever seen. 

In our outside set up We also were able to display instantly the amount of solar power being generated at any point in time with our 320-watt ST-300 system. One day late in the afternoon around 5:30 PM as the sun was beginning to turn a bit orange, we laid the ST-300 system flat and measured 17 watts of power being generated. We immediately raised the ST-300 up and pointed it directly at the sun where it measured 95 watts of power being generated. While the ratio of increased power generation will not always be this significant, depending on many factors, this demonstration clearly proved that an articulated (following the sun) system will produce more power than a flat mounted system.


Suitcase, ST-100 Model

 Here we display our compact and lightweight ground-mounted Suitcase, ST-100 Model, that is truly a set and forget system. We included a bottle of water as a means of understanding size and perspective. The frame is manufactured of high-grade ¾” square aluminum tubing. All wiring and electronics are Nema 3R, watertight so the entire system will not be impacted by rain. The four legs of the 3 ½” high—solidly built, 25-pound frame are unfolded, and the two hinged 60-watt each solar panels are mounted to the ST-100 frame capable of producing up to 120-watts of electrical power from these two solar panels that weigh a total of 25-pounds. Therefore, the entire ST-100 system consists of two each 25-pound systems for a total of 50-pounds. 

To activate the system, the battery cables are connected to the battery, and the Bluetooth phone application is touched on the “Deploy” button and our system automatically finds and tracks the sun. At night when there is no sun shining, the system folds itself down automatically and goes to “sleep”. The next morning it “awakens” by itself to continue tracking the sun and generating electrical power. Should a storm come up while it is deployed and no one is around, it automatically folds itself down to protect itself from wind damage. The time of continually moving fixed frame suitcase solar generation system around all day to manually track the sun are over. Instead you can actually enjoy the reason that you purchased a travel trailer or pusher by hiking, canoeing, or whatever is your favorite thing to do. You can place your travel trailer in the shade and locate the ST-100 out in the sun as it comes with 25 feet of connecting cable. The ST-100 includes a complete solar battery charging controller to safely and efficiently charge your batteries while protecting them from overcharging.

Our entire line of automatic solar trackers functions essentially in this manner. They are truly a “Set and Forget” system. 


Suitcase, ST-100 Model

Our second mission at this show was to learn from those we talked to about our products and we learned a lot! We listened carefully to what attendees had to say to us about our products and paid very close attention to any and all serious remarks and suggestions. One attendee named Linda pointed out to us that we had no way to lock down the solar panels on our ST-100 Suitcase models and the solar cells could easily be stolen. We asked Linda what she recommended as we clearly had not thought about that aspect of our design. She said, just drill a place for the two solar cells to be mounted to the frame so that locks can be installed. A simple solution from an observant attendee. We will do exactly that on our production models, and we will also furnish the locks as part of our complete suitcase system. Our official drawings will refer to these locking positions as “Linda’s Locks”. We are 100% serious about listening to suggestions for those interested in our products. Another keen interest in show attendees was for us to design our suitcase model, ST-100, so that it could be mounted on top of their travel trailers. We are investigating this suggestion now. 

Some show attendees with no solar power on their rigs thought that the ST-100 would be a good place to start with solar. Most attendees realized that an articulating (automatic solar tracking system) was a “smarter” way to capture solar energy rather than adding more solar cells. An approach that could be problematic given existing wiring and electronic components in existing rigs in that additional solar cells may possibly overload these existing electrical circuits.

We also found expressed interest from some manufacturers of high-quality rigs in adding our systems to their new rigs during the manufacturing process. 

Our Model Details



  This robust suitcase model allows you to sit your RV in the shade of the summer while deploying your unit in the sun to significantly increase your battery’s energy and stay cool. A small but very powerful 100 watt system is easily folded and stored. The suitcase model is ideal for increasing your solar if you currently have solar panels or can be used as an independent fully contained system. With its own charge controller  and two (2) furnished 60w solar cells,  it allows you to connect directly to your battery with alligator clips or use the shunt supplied on your RV. 


ST 100 SHOW SPECIAL - $995



  This mid-sized roof mounted system accommodates your existing panels of up to 230 watts.  This system is perfect for the small to mid-sized rigs to upgrade your energy capabilities. Mounted on your rooftop, this solar tracker will greatly increase the amount of solar energy being sent to your batteries thus increasing your RV solar energy capability. 




  This solar tracker allows the large rigs to have less solar real estate on the roof while having even greater solar capacity.  The largest of the HAPPY CAMPER SOLAR trackers, this is the ultimate solar tracker. Built to accommodate solar panels up to 340 watts, imagine the increased energy you gain by picking up these panels automatically and tracking the sun all day long to gain maximum efficiency! Even the largest rigs should be able to have much greater usable stored energy throughout the day and into the night. Boon-docking is greatly enhanced with Happy Camper Solar trackers!  The ST-300 does not come furnished with any solar panels.