Happy Camper Solar is a company that has designed and manufactured Solar Trackers for the RV industry. The idea of significantly increasing solar power for the RV industry was born when one of the owners saw the energy input increase as he moved and tilted his portable solar suitcase each day while camping. When the panels were lying flat the battery input was low. However, when he tracked the sun by moving the panels to maximize solar input, he was able to use some of the solar energy in his RV and still have his batteries fully charged by the evening. 

 Conversations between the three business partners led to the forming of Happy Camper Solar. Two of the three partners are senior level engineers in energy and electronics engineering. Together, they developed the Happy Camper Solar trackers. The trackers are patented for RV and industrial applications. The difference between solar panels lying flat and panels automatically tracking the sun is significant. The Happy Camper Solar tracker picks the panels up and articulates them by moving the panels both horizontally and vertically automatically, without human intervention, from early morning to late evening. The Happy Camper Solar works to maximize the solar energy by tracking the sun all day without human intervention. The technology of the Happy Camper Solar results in a high-tech tool that masters the sun’s energy to increase your enjoyment and convenience of camping. 

 The HAPPY Camper SOLAR trackers have one or more patents pending.


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